Thank you for choosing the Washington University HPB/GI Team to be part of your care. We value our patients and want to make your surgical experience as pleasant as possible. Please follow instructions below to prepare for surgery. 

Please contact the office is you are unclear on any of the information. These steps are important for your safety. 

Preadmission Testing  

You will need to have preadmission testing. You will have blood tests, X-rays and/or other tests before surgery. This testing is done at the Center for Preoperative Assessment and Planning (CPAP Clinic). You will also have an opportunity to meet with the anesthesia team at that time. The phone number to schedule this visit is 314-362-4275.  If you have not already been seen by CPAP, please call to make this appointment as soon as possible. You have your preadmission testing scheduled within 30 days of your surgery date, preferably later than 7 days prior to surgery. If there is a problem or delay in making this appointment, please contact our office immediately

Blood Thinners

You will need to stop using certain medications five days before surgery.  DO NOT take any medicine that contains aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen.  Examples of these medications include:  Bayer, Ecotrin, St. Joseph Motrin, Advil, Midol, Aleve and Anaprox.  If you are instructed to take aspirin, Coumadin, or Plavix by another physician, please check with our office regarding these medications at least 1-2 weeks before your surgery date.

The Day of Surgery

Please call the office for specifics on when you will be admitted to the hospital. Our office will call you at least one week prior to surgery to inform you when you should arrive.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you are unsure.  

  • Admit to Hospital on the day BEFORE Surgery:
  • Please arrive at the admitting office in Barnes-Jewish Hospital South Campus between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. If you are required to use a bowel cleaner, the nurse in the hospital will administer it once you have a room.
  • Admit to Hospital on the day OF Surgery:
  • Please arrive at the time the office instructed you and visit the Surgery Registration area on the Main Level of Barnes-Jewish Hospital South Campus.

You may take any maintenance medications at your usual times with a small sip of water. Bring a list of your medications and pill bottles with you to the hospital. If you are diabetic, take one-half dose of your diabetic medications on the morning of your surgery.

Please contact our office, so you can talk to the nurse regarding your medication questions. 

Call us if:

  • You are sick (cold or flu) and have a temperature over 100.5F
  • Develop any kind of cut, rash or infection near your stomach
  • A change has occurred in your medical condition
  • ANY questions about medications
  • ANY concerns or questions about your operation